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Consultancy Options

Are you Building a new home?  Do you need a wastewater option for a commercial building?  Are you Renovating?  
Even if you have purchased a property with an existing wastewater or rain harvesting system, we have a Consultancy option to suit all!

At Water Installations Pty Ltd we are experts in the field of all thing's water; Septic Tanks, Leach Drains, ATU wastewater systems, Greywater Reuse systems, Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting and Fire Suppression Systems.  

Find out more about Dr Ross Mars and his team of expert technicians.

Consultation & Quotation Options

Option 1:

This is an On-site Consultation, where we will come out to your property and spend approximately 30 minutes inspecting all of your aspects of water consumption and use. 

We will then provide you with a fully written quotation for a new system(s) and/or provide vast verbal instruction, knowledge and expert advice regarding your current water system's operation and advise options for a service & maintenance schedule. 

The fully written quotation for a new system will be sent out to you within a couple days after the consultation. 

An on-site consultation is the best choice, as you will receive site specific, one-on-one expert advice.

The cost for an on-site consultation at your property is;

  • $75 within 10kms of Mundaring,
    (North to Stoneville, East to Chidlow, South to Paulls Valley, West to Darlington)
  • $125 within 30kms of Mundaring,
    (North to Brigadoon, East to Bakers Hill, South to Bedfordale, West to Perth)
  • $195 within 50kms of Mundaring,
    (North to Muchea, East Northam including Toodyay and York, South to Jarrahdale, West to the Coastal suburbs)

  • P.O.A. if you are located 50kms+ from Mundaring.

Please give us a call on 92956263 or email office@waterinstallations.com if you would like to book an on-site consultation at your property. Please quote Option 1.

Option 2 FREE Quotation: (recommended)

This is a 'site-unseen' Quotation, where we provide you with expert advice over email free of charge. This will give you an idea of the cost.

Simply email through to us your suburb location, the system to quote, all questions, photos of your property, and most importantly your house and site plans to: office@waterinstallations.com - Please quote Option 2 in your email.

Due to our busy work schedule, we may take a few days to email your site-unseen quote to you.

Option 3:

Book a Consultation Meeting at our shop in Mundaring. We are located at Unit 1 / 18 Wandeara Crescent Mundaring with Dr Ross Mars.  The fee for Ross Mars' time is $55.

He will spend typically half an hour with you to discuss your requirements. Please bring along your list of questions, photos of your property, and most importantly your house and site plans.

We will then provide you with a fully written quotation sent out to you within a couple days. 

Please give us a call on 92956263 or email office@waterinstallations.com if you would like to book an Consultation Meeting at our shop in Mundaring. Please quote Option 3.

Wastewater Irrigation Design

We are able to undertake a soil assessment for your property and determine the soil permeability. This enables us to calculate the required irrigation area for the installation of an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) or a greywater system.

Different soils have different infiltration rates and tests using a permeameter are carried out to examine how fast water can penetrate and disperse into soil. Soil texture is also examined and this enables us to determine the soil category as outlined in AS/NZS1547.

The Wastewater Irrigation Design Fee is $275, which involves specifications, plans and application to council. We can design the required irrigation for a wastewater or greywater system depending on the soil permeability.

Plans and Specifications

We provide specifications for all of our systems, including approval numbers and suggestions about sizing an irrigation system. Each greywater or wastewater design has at least two documents – installation and specifications, and homeowner’s guide. Some systems have additional drawings and information sheets. If you wish to DIY, you can buy these documents to help you with the Council application.

Applications to Council, copies to plumbers and builders

We produce a design of a greywater, wastewater or rainwater system which is used to make an application to local government (Council). Scaled drawings, as well as specifications and an irrigation plan, are produced as part of this process.

Typically, the application to the local authority/council is $236 for any approved greywater system. Water Installations can undertake to write the application, along with the site plans and specifications required by Council, for $275.

Copies are provided to the client, as well as architects, builders and plumbers as required.


Water Installations can assemble and supply various components and ‘kits’ of greywater systems. These include tanks or filters, drip irrigation, irrigation pipe and fittings, distribution valves, Biomatt filters, tech filters and pumps.


Water Installations can provide full or partial installation of any of its systems. It can work with builders and preferred plumbers and electricians, and help and supervise clients who wish to undertake much of the labour in a DIY situation.

Full installation includes all design specifications and Council application, as well as Council fees. 


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